Logging Table History

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

You can log the changes of data like append, modification or delete fields in a table.
When you create your transparent table, you can go to the technical settings screen and set the flag "Log data changes". 
SE11 -> Technical Settings -> tick the Log data changes
Remember that you must have the parameter rec/client set in the system profile. 
RZ10 - Extended Maintenance
  • rec/client = ALL (log all clients)
  • rec/client = 000(,...) (log all specified clients)
  • rec/client = OFF (do not log)
You can see the changes to the table in the transaction OY18 or SCU3.
Logging is independent of update. Obviously, it will slow down the accesses when you change the table as record have to be written into the log table for each change.

DBTABPRT - Table of log records for table changes

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